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Auto 2014

Top Five Ferrari Cars Based on speed design and costs

Competition on the car market is huge. With over 20 car manufacturers and various models, it's definitely not a gap in the market. Ferrari however, has a huge automobile history. Ferraris are pure emotion. They aren't most reliable, one of the cheapest or practicable. But every Ferrari driver probably agrees that they are the best cars in the world. So which Ferrari gives you most thrill?

1. Ferrari Enzo (FXX)

A car is really good if Ferrari names it after its founder Enzo Ferrari. The Enzo FXX is a project still going, with the car getting updates still. The Enzo FXX is sold only when you're chosen by Ferrari and changes owner for about €1,300,0000. Maintenance is huge, about €40,000 per year. But everyone will look at you when you drive one, guaranteed. And when it's dark out… I dare you to take it out for a spin.

2. Ferrari F430 Ferrari's new race car, replaced the 360 in 2005. It has a maximum speed of 317 km/h and is sold starting from €180.000. Remarkable is that it's the official car of the Ferrari race classes and the car is rumored to be replaced soon.

3. Ferrari california Central front engine with maximum speed of 310 km/h. First Ferrari car with dual clutch and most recent Ferrari released. The California is the most aerodynamic Ferrari yet. It costs €140.000 and average maintenance costs are unknown.

4. Ferrari 550 Maranello It has an front V12 engine with an maximum speed of 323 km/h. Beautiful curves and nice a beautiful interior. It's not the best or most recent Ferrari but will give you a huge thrill. Why? Because it costs €70,000 if you search right, and maintenance average is lower than the 612. Biggest maintenance post is that the car eats tyres for breakfast.

5. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti It has an engine providing 533HP, a maximum speed of 315 km/h. It's biggest feature that sets it apart: it has four seats. It's still not a family car though, it will cost you €300,000 to purchase and if used as an everyday car about €10,000 per year to maintain.

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