Auto 2014
Auto 2014

Next BMW 1 series???

This illustration shows how the next small 1 series could look like.
And it does seem pretty realistic. And boring.
The 1 series hatch came out in Europe in 2004. So a new one is due out pretty soon.
We only get the "way overpriced" coupe and convertible versions in the US. With the same engines offered in the 3 series.
A weird and stupid move from BMW.
Remember when, a few years ago, they were supposed to be working on a sedan version? Mainly for the US market.
Where is it???

The next 1 is still supposed to be available as a sedan. (Toe better compete with the next Audi A3, also offered as a sedan).
So we might be getting it on top of the coupe and convertible. And smaller engines will also be offered, finally.
Making it a true "Compact BMW".

And maybe it'll be almost affordable...