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Save Cash On Gas And Other Items
I have been engaged in a little bit of digging on the different methods to save cash and have discovered numerous valid ideas amongst those that are not so good.
Ideas that are not so good are those that are unrealistic ("pay off your credit cards now and save interest" which you would (have done|do} if you could), corny (coupons and rebates and irritating garbage like that) and too much of a sacrifice (take public transportation, etc)

So, here are a few worthwhile ones.


There are useful things you can do to keep from wasting money on food that will perish or that you will never eat. For starters, never go grocery shopping when you are famished! Also, have a list so you don't "impulse buy" yourself into insolvency. Other recommendations are to have a budget and at least attempt to come close (it's like the tv game show "The Price Is Right" - if you go over you lose!), opt for store brands instead of brand name - it's really the same toothpaste, learn to drink water and never from the tap, and, most important, leave the childrenhome with your spouse when you go grocery shopping for gawd's sake!


A. Here is one that will surprise you...Roll up windows on highway. While "everybody" assume they're saving money by turning off the air-conditioner, it actually creates a strong drag if you are driving fast with the windows down, and is worse for your fuel economy. So, City Driving=windows down and A/C off and Highway Driving=windows up and A/C on.

B. Don't buy hot gas and do park in the shade. Try to get fuel when it is cool (morning or evening) so the gasoline is thicker and won't evaporate as easily. And parking in the sun will cause gas to evaporate also.

C. Try to avoid rush hour. Of course no one wants to go onto the 405 freeway and sit in a parking lot there. There is actually a reason why they refer to the driveway as the driveway and the parkway as the parkway!! But realize that as much as it is harmful to your internal thermostat it is also bad for your gas economy.

D. Work at home - It's good for the economy, it's good for traffic,it's good for the family, it's good in a lot of ways and many people are following this new trend. If you can arrange to get a job where you can work from home, do it! You will be happier, feel freer and more independent, and economize on fuel (and also on food as you are more likely tograb some fast food, waste money and get fat if you are working in an office than if you work at home)