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Electric Car Conversion

Do your own electric car conversion, I know this sounds difficult, but you are not building a new car from the ground up. What you are actually doing is converting your current gas auto into an electric powered car. With todays modern technology it is really not not that hard to do, and can be accomplished in a few days of work. Is it really possible to do this? Plenty of people would consider building an electric go-kart or ATV, but an electric car conversion is really just the same process. Sure, you will be using welders instead of pre-made plastic parts, but you've got an electric motor, a bank of batteries, and a speed controller. Look at your kids RC toys--it's the same thing just on a larger scale. Here is a list of the basic equipment you will need to do an electric car conversion
Work space area
Work bench
Basic tool kit - wrenches, socket set, screw drivers
Small grinder
An engine hoist
Welding equipment
A big pile of initiative

Electric motors are quieter, safer, more reliable, and more cost effective than gasoline powered engines. Electric vehicles motors do not idle, so they don't waste electricity when idle, unlike gasoline cars which are using gas and polluting the air even when thet are sitting still. Since electric motors are powered by electricity, their power can come from a wide variety of power sources, their batteries can be charged with wind or solar power, which can also be home built, reducing your energy use to zero. Even on today's electrical grid, plug-in cars are cleaner than gasoline cars. Even better, while electricity is getting cleaner and more renewable every year, even the cleanest gasoline car still keeps adding to pollution. An electric car on the other hand, just gets cleaner over time as the grid gets cleaner.

Lastly, to convert an existing vehicle into an electric is also quite easy on one's pocket as it can be done for under $500. So if you are thinking about building your own electric car, you will need a well written professional manual with clear illustrations to guide you through theprocess, and in a short time you will have your homemade electric car ready and running! More information is available at electric car conversion

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